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Current Projects

Biology and risk

I also work with Andrea Fantuzzi of Imperial College London. This research will aim to produce a review, data analysis or even experiments to support arguments to explore strategies of micro-biological systems for controlling risk and approximating rational systems.


Currently, there are no projects in the pipeline, but I do regularly attend the excellent LASER talks organised by Heather Barnett. Of course, I also stay in regular touch with my long-time collaborator, James Robert White who’s currently cooking up something.


There are no upcoming talks planned right now, but please stay tuned and subscribe if you would like to be notified of these or follow me on social media!

Agent-based Simulation

I’m currently working with Steffen Zschaler of King's College London on an agent based simulation of software projects called the 'Lazy Stopping Model'.

Risk-adjusted workflows

I completed the ‘Performer Claims Analytics’ project at PPL in 2018, which involved creating a simple risk-adjusted workflow algorithm. It partly builds on ideas from my talk about Turing and risk-adjusted workflows at Bletchley Park (although most of this talk is about computation and biology). This project has already led to new infrastructure and processes, and a new way of viewing workflows and our ability to track them. It was built using Python, Birst and Airflow on AWS cloud and will hopefully spawn new projects based on this template.

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