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Making Fewer Big Decisions & with the Right Info

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

This article shows how businesses can use cutting-edge risk management and metrics to track projects and business objectives.

Creating better metrics and a better system for managing complex projects is a major opportunity for businesses to leverage the latest heterodox economic thinking in their own business for success.

Doing so, offers several significant benefits including:

  1. Better risk management of complex projects

  2. Higher odds of meeting business objectives

  3. Better understanding of progress against business objectives

  4. Higher quality project outcomes

This article (with downloadable PDF below) outlines the problems with typical business metrics and decision-making based off them, whereby too many big decisions are being made by managers, and often with the wrong information.

The article explains how the concept of 'option farming' can be a big part of the answer to moving to more effective risk management for tracking progress against business objectives and the achievement of higher quality results, with greater certainty.

To discuss how to create effective risk management of complex projects and business objectives in your business or organisation contact Turing Meta today by emailing the Director,

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Read the article online or download below.

Making Fewer Big Decisions and with the Right Info no copyright v2
Download PDF • 975KB

Download the above article to PDF.

Making Fewer Big Decisions and with the Right Info no copyright v2
Download PDF • 975KB

A further technical whitepaper on Option Farming is available here:

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