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Leveraging Biology for Software Team Organisation & Architecture Problems

I recently gave a tallk on how to leverage cutting-edge biology to solve organisational problems with a focus on software teams and architecture. Thanks to everyone at Policy Expert and DDD London for the opportunity to give this talk at their great Meetup event on Monday 4th December. The recording is below.

The talk really went into more detail on how to adapt game theory by extending it to organisation games (a kind of pure coordination problem) in order to solve organisational problems faced by software teams.

I also give another view of why we should leverage biology to solve human organisational problems.

Finally I share practical insights that people can take away to think differently about their own organisational challenges.

It was a great crowd and I really enjoyed the Q&A afterwards and also the workshop by Nicola Sedgwick.

If you want to discuss these topics with Turing Meta contact

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