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Talk at Aginext2020

I'm excited to be giving a talk on agile software development on 20th March in London at Aginext 2020! Developed in partnership with King's College Informatics Department, I'll be presenting a simulation of software projects called the 'Lazy Stopping Model'. To give a flavour of how it works, 'unknown unknowns' (from the perspective of the simulated workers) are encoded as 'traps' they can unwittingly fall into. Agility is about simulating different strategies for dealing with these 'traps'. This then allows us to compare different strategies, as some will work for certain kinds of traps better than others. Eventually, this could enable us to predict which type of project management strategy is likely to work best in a given business context. In the same way that Spotify, Microsoft and Google develop their own project methodologies to suit their business model simulation tools could give that power to confidently develop unique blends of agile strategies optimised for their business, too. If you want to know more, you can see a talk I gave a couple of months ago about some of the details on this blog in the previous post. There are lots of other great speakers attending so the conference should be very good. The talk will be on 20th March at Aginext 2020 in London. If you would like to attend use the coupon AT_15 to get a 15% discount. I'm really looking forward to having some interesting and stimulating conversations there. Hope you can make it.

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