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Talk: How to See Your Organisation's Dragon

It was a pleasure to give a talk at the London Analytics Meetup, on Weds 27th Sept 2023,

thanks to David Jayatillake and Funding Circle for organising.

This talk is about how to leverage knowledge of organisational solutions in biology, in human organisations.

I explain the new insights we get from translating biological research into human organisational problems. The talk is aimed at a general audience, without assuming any particular mathematical or biology knowledge.

Why do we need to use biology to understand human organisations better?

I explain that your organisation is hard to see if it is too big to experience directly by one person, and also hard to see scientifically because it is also too big to measure using controlled experiments. But, because organisms are similar enough to human organisations, and Nature selects them for viability, biological science can also tell us useful, accurate, information about what makes human organisations viable & non-viable with high quality theory from hundreds of thousands of controlled experiments on biological organisms. Organisms can then be useful and accurate analogs of human organisations, if the translation to human org theory is done carefully & with rigor using high quality biology theory.

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