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Classic posts! Hopefully still of interest

Here is a selection of links to blog articles on my collaborator's website, which are are still of interest and relevance to James and I, and also to this fractal agility website. Thanks to Giselle and James for supporting the work!

Happy reading/browsing!

This is an introduction to complexity.

This is James in conversation about his artwork and the 'new wild' project.

This article connects directly to the current project, it is the genesis of the 'fractal agility' concept.

This is piece about the problems we face as a society and as scientists paradoxically, because of our incredible success at simplifying problems, so far.

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Online Talk, 22nd Nov: Leveraging Biology in Human Org Design, invited by the Intersection Group. This talk is focused on human organisational solutions. The problem of designing and (co)-development

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