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An introduction to complexity on youtube

Here's a link to my current playlist on the theme of 'complexity' on youtube. On here are some fantastic short video introductions to the science and ideas of 'complexity' here which inspired me when I read about them 20 years ago, (before youtube) and which still inspire me today. I'm afraid that my current video is on there too, but you can skip that and move on to the rest for an introduction.

The link for the whole playlist is here:

On the list is great stuff about flocking phenomena in nature, and the program that started this, the original 'boids' program by Craig W Reynolds, which so successfully simulated flocking with incredibly simple rules. Check out his website here:

There are also great excerpts from a documentary narrated by Stephen Hawking about James Conway and his original program, the 'Game of Life'.

I will also be returning to this playlist and updating it periodically, with more talks or other resources, or creating other playlists so keep an eye out or, more easily, subscribe to my youtube channel.

By the way, there is also a handy introductory lecture about evolutionary game theory currently at the end of this playlist by Robert Sapolsky.

Here is one video from the list from MIT about complexity.

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