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Upcoming Turing Meta Events

Online Talk, 22nd Nov:

Leveraging Biology in Human Org Design, invited by the Intersection Group. 

This talk is focused on human organisational solutions. The problem of designing and (co)-development of human organisations is fundamental to organisational economics and management science but can benefit from leveraging cutting edge biological research.

In this talk I will be explaining how to use Game Theory in org design problems and extending it to include 'Organisation Games' which I developed for this purpose, for jointly modelling biological systems and human organisation problems and solutions.

In Person Talk, 4th Dec:

How to See Your Organisation's Dragon, at the Domain Driven Design Meetup, London

I'm giving a talk about how to leverage knowledge of organisational solutions in biology, in software engineering teams on December 4th at the Domain Driven Design Meetup kindly hosted by Policy Expert in London.

Why should we be using biology to better understand solutions to software engineering problems?

Firstly, organisms 'requirements' for adaptation, robustness, complexity are similar enough to technology development so share similar problems and solutions.

Secondly, Nature selects organisms for viability, so biology can also tell us useful, accurate, scientific information about what makes complex organisation viable & non-viable with high quality theory from hundreds of thousands of controlled experiments on biological organisms. 

Organisms can then be useful and accurate analogs of software engineering problems, if the translation of theory is done carefully & with rigor.

To make this possible I introduce my research on how we should extend 'game theory' from economics to include 'organisation games' to make it suitable for jointly studying organisation problems in biology and software engineering and share the initial results.


Note that these two talks might sound pretty similar, but this will not be the case. While the first is focused on human organisational problems, while the other focuses on the problem of software engineering and working with teams of software engineers.

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